Lance Fernando's Data Visualization Portfolio

CS 360 Spring 2017

Visualizing Ecological Footprint

Final Project

This project explores the sustainability, or lack thereof, of individual countries and regions in the world. Using data from the The Global Footprint Network, I created an interactive dashboard that conveys the make up of a country or region's biocapacity and ecological footprint.

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Fire Department Activity Neighboring USF

Group Midterm Project

In this project, two team members and I utilized the SFFD Call Records dataset and created visualizations to find interesting patterns within the data. We decided to focus on districts closest to USF in addition to the call types and response times of the fire department.

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Hierarchical Visualization of the Java.awt API

Homework Assignment #4

This assignment provides a collection of different hierarchical visualization techniques using a Java 8 API Hierarchy Dataset. Visualization techniques explored include variations of traditional node layouts, space-filling techniques and radial versions of each.

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Analyzing SF's 311 Tree Maintenance Activity

Homework Assignment #3

Using Tree Maintenance Data, I utilized interactivity with both chloropleth and non-proportional symbols mapping techniques to portray the activity of 311 Tree Maintenance Calls occuring between January 1st, 2016 and January 1st, 2017.

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Multivariate Visualization of Student Mobility

For this assignment we used data provided by The Equality of Opportunity Project. We were tasked to utilize a multivariate data visualization technique to explore the numerous variables within the dataset. I chose to plot a scatterplot matrix to analyze the relationship amongst the variables.

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Basic Visualizations of the SFPD

This assignment involved utilizing SFPD incident data during the month of December 2016. As the first assignment of the year, we were tasked to portray this data using three different graphs. I chose to utilize a horizontal bar chart, time-series line graph, and a line area plot.

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